About Us

Trinity Smash Repairs started in Cairns in 1994 our main job was converting left hand drive Chevys to right hand drive.
In 1997 we began conversions on 60 series Landcruiser wagons to dualcab utes and business has gone rapidly ahead since then. With the dualcab conversions came the business name RWV (Recreational Work Vehicles) Conversions Aust, we now add to that with Resource Work Vehicles.
We do conversions on the whole range of Patrol and Landcruiser (60,80,100, 200 & Prado) wagons. We have federal approval to do conversions on the 200 series. In 2007 we found it hard to get drop side trays built for us as the manufacturer was too busy, so we designed our own unique style of tray. We galvanise the main frame, mud guard and tail panels are alloy, sides are our own creation of extruded alloy dropside to finish off the unique look. It was because of this we were asked if we could build a mine approved tray and have produced R.O.P.S units, tray bodies and a range of equipment full of innovation for the special needs of the industry
Our conversions have many alternatives,  one of them is the size of the tray, from 1.55m and up to 2.5m long. Many accessories can also be added to your vehicle. All vehicles are customised to the customer needs and look like a vehicle that came directly from the factory. Why take a good wagon and make it a dualcab ute? Many tradies and families are looking for a good 4WD to take off road and use for work, some of the newer models do not have the size that is required.